Office Relocation on a Budget: When a Moving Company Is Not Enough

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With commercial subleasing cheaper than ever

it’s a great time for offices to move into a new location. Companies are eager to move to a smaller, cheaper space that accounts for fewer people in the office on a daily basis and can be planned out in compliance with CDC guidelines.


But while rent might be dirt cheap and there are significantly fewer workstations to install, the costs of moving are largely the same. As a service, moving is fairly straightforward, despite the logistical headaches it can cause. The reality is that a moving company, no matter how highly rated or accommodating, can’t do everything you need. What you really need is an office furniture specialist.

Commerical Office Relocation in New York
Everything Must Go – But Where?

There are many reasons to relocate your office, but there’s no good reason to take literally everything with you. In fact,

some landlords are offering a fully furnished office

as a part of their lease agreement with new tenants. So while a regular moving company may be able to store assets you want to take to your space, they won’t be able to help get rid of everything else.

Why Not Just Store It Instead?

When clearing out the old office, finding old files and documents is inevitable. Because businesses are required to keep certain records for up to 10 years (depending on the information), just shredding them isn’t usually possible. Even commercial movers don’t always have options for long-term storage. Their relationship with you ends once the job is done. They’re not taking a holistic approach to their work because they’re dedicated to only one aspect of your move.

Commercial office moving company in New York


Find Someone Who Can Do It All

A company like Commercial Office Liquidations does take a holistic approach to office relocation. We don’t just move your furniture and go home: we can remove, store, or even recycle what you don’t want to take. The less you have to do yourself, the easier your relocation will be. Try hiring Commercial Office Liquidations to see for yourself how simple things can be with an all-in-one company.

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