Commercial Office Liquidation

Commercial Office Liquidation

Liquidation is the process of removing all business assets physically present in the office space. They can be sold, recycled, donated, or demolished, but space must be cleared of all clutter before handing it back to the owner or landlord. Most leases, both commercial and residential, mandate that the tenant leave the space in “broom swept” condition at the end of their lease. Otherwise, the tenant can face both financial and legal consequences. But why go through the hassle of clearing everything out on your own?
For a large commercial space, there’s a greater risk of penalty. Hiring professional help is your best option. Our team of industry and Office liquidation services experts will handle your liquidation quickly and efficiently at an extremely competitive rate.

Here are some of the corporate assets that we specialize in Office liquidation services, buying, recycling, donating and/or disposing of.

Mechanical & Electrical Equipment
Generators, Transformers, Humidifiers, Portable ACs, Refrigerators, Water Coolers, Microwaves, Dishwashers, Coffee Machines, Ice Machines, Fire Suppression Systems, Raised Computer Flooring, Cables, Lighting Materials, Surge Protectors, Power Strips etc

IT & Electronic Equipment
Laptops, Computers, Monitors, Copiers, Fax Machines, Shredders, Conference telephones, Video phones, Scanners, TVs, Overhead Projectors Information Technology (IT) Servers, Server Racks, Security Equipment, Video Cameras, Audio Visual (AV) etc.

Office Furniture
Cubicles, Workstations, Desks, Credenzas, File Cabinets, Bookcases, Chairs, Tables, Pedestals, Shelves, Whiteboards, Bulletin Boards, Storage Cabinets etc.

Carpets, Carpet Tiles, Rugs, Ceiling Tiles, Raised Computer Flooring etc.