Five Ways Storage Solutions Can Ease Your Office Relocation

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One of the toughest parts of moving to a new office is deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. This is especially true when the lease is up soon, since leaving anything behind can incur heavy fines from the landlord. But there’s actually a third option: storage.

Most moving companies don’t offer storage. However, if you’re anticipating some difficult decisions when it comes to your old office furniture, it may be prudent to seek out a company that offers storage solutions. Even if you’re confident about what’s coming with you, having another option available is never a bad thing.

Here are five ways that every company can utilize business asset storage during their relocation:

Move Old Files Off-Site

New York State regulations require companies to retain client or patient data for up to 10 years before it can be destroyed. If you’re not planning to digitize old paper records, large file cabinets can take up a lot of space. Instead of moving those files to your new location, why not store them offsite?
Obviously, there are some records that should be accessible at all times, but anything older than 3 years probably won’t be very useful. There’s no reason to pre-emptively clutter your new office space with old files when they can be stored in a secure off-site facility. Commercial Office Liquidations Advanced-Office-Liquidators solutions offer Smart Storage solutions for all paper record storage, in addition to our other services.

Delay Decisions for Employees on Paid Leave

Getting rid of as much as possible before moving to a new space, especially if it’s significantly smaller, is an ideal strategy for making your office relocation as quick and efficient as possible. But that kind of decision usually requires input from everyone in the office. C-Level employees, in particular, take long vacations and trying to coordinate the timeline around that schedule would be counterintuitive to practical office relocation. Instead of waiting, storing business assets you’re not sure about will save more money in the long run. Furniture demolition has its own fees so wasting time to make a decision is a lose-lose situation. It may even turn out that the employee would prefer to store excess office furniture anyway. Seeking out a business like Commercial Office Liquidation, which can provide office furniture demolition, moving, and storage services is the best way to execute a cost-effective relocation while keeping all employees happy.

Preserve Old Assets with Sentimental Value

Storing office furniture isn’t just about economical decision-making or space considerations. Sometimes your company is reluctant to get rid of furniture due to nostalgic reasons. Benchmarks of success can come in many forms and sentimental attachments can be a critical component of company culture.

In fact, if you’re really looking to preserve old furniture and other business assets, moving them to your new space is even less ideal than just throwing them out. Retail stores traditionally frame dollar bills from their milestone sales; why not take the same approach to a chair or desk where your company acquired its first major client? Delicate objects should be handled by office furniture specialists like the ones from Commercial Office Liquidations. We also have multiple warehouses in different areas to serve a broader geographic clientele.

Prepare Furniture for Disinfection

When setting up a new office space, creating a clean and COVID-safe environment should be your top priority. Furnishing the space with all brand-new office furniture is the best option, but it’s not a financially reasonable option for most companies. Disinfecting old furniture will be more economical in the long run, since the new furniture will have to be disinfected on a regular basis anyway.

However, if you do decide to keep your old furniture, it still has to be disinfected before moving it to the new office. This is especially important for companies who have not been back to their offices since the initial lockdowns in March of 2020. Storing all potentially infected furniture and workstations before bringing them to the new space is the smartest and safest option to ensure they are properly disinfected. Hiring a conscientious company with a holistic approach to office relocation such as Commercial Office Liquidations is critical to making sure your employees stay healthy.

Hold Excess Furniture for Temporary Moves

Not every move is a permanent move. Offices undergo renovations, HVAC installation, fumigation, and other processes that require employees not to be in the building. If the office needs to be cleared out, storing everything in the temporary space could seem like a good idea. But assuming the temporary space is a downgrade, this will likely disrupt the normal workflow and make it difficult to retain continuity during this period of transition.
Instead, only move what furniture is necessary for employees to keep working and put everything else in storage. It’s not very sensible to hire a moving company for a temporary move when you could hire a company that can also provide storage. Commercial Office Liquidations has dealt with all kinds of

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