Giving up your lease?

Office Chair Liquidation

Giving up your lease? Store excess office furniture

While the companies are baffling with high-paying rent, confused to keep commercial office space in downtown Manhattan or Los angles and if giving the space what to do with exclusive high-quality branded office furniture?

Space Dilemma?

Full-time home vs. full time from office indeed a new category of the workforce? The question is that the new class of the workforce working from home had occupied an office space before covid 19. Today, the decision-makers make this tricky choice to pay rent for the office space or give up the lease for those working from home and seasonably need access to the office as needed. If giving up the office space, what to do with the high-end office furniture?

Office Chair Liquidation

High-quality office furniture: –

The solution to the problem while giving up your lease is to store your high-end office furniture. With the vaccination, rolled out, preventive measures, and accessibility to testing all of the above has given confidence in corporate America to bring back the workforces faster than expected.

Solutions: –

With commercial office furniture, we offer warehousing minimum for three months and a renewal basis as needed. Don’t pay money to demolition and junk companies to demolish high-end office furniture.

Store as long as needed.

Call us, and we can help with storage.

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